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The Breath to Heart Map: A Journey Through the Elements

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The journey of self-reclamation is personal and universal.
The Heart Path unfolds as we awaken to our true nature.
Follow along to explore the possibilities awaiting you.


Earth Element: Body & Land

First, I re-inhabit my body. Body is Earth. Body is something I can touch, taste, smell, see, and hear. My body is tangible, tactile, and she is trustworthy. I might not always know how to hear her messages, but she is always delivering them to me through sensation, impulse, reaction, desire, sounds, rhythmic pulses. She notices everything I do, say and experience, and then reflects those experiences in a palpable, trackable, reliable way. Like deer on snow. Like birdsong at dawn. Like the unfurling of maple buds in spring. She is my own little plot of land. Tending to her nourishes us both.

Here are some ways we work with Body & Earth:

  • Embodiment through meditation, breath, & gentle movement
  • Deepening self-contact through releasing subtle fascial constrictions 
  • Assess your body’s elemental tendencies and learn to harmonize them
  • Discover simple lifestyle habits that will most support your unique body
  • Explore ways to connect with the natural world, the body of Mother Earth

Some benefits you may experience as we work with Body & Earth:

  • A renewed sense of vitality and ease
  • Improved sleep quality and capacity for deep rest
  • Deeper connection with and appreciation for your body
  • Deeper connection with the natural world and landscape
  • Greater resilience and responsivity to even subtle shifts in wellbeing
  • More satisfying and reciprocal relationship with food
  • A sense of stewardship for the body and the earth
  • Reclaimed experience of sovereignty, ownership and freedom in your body


Water Element: Rhythm & Flow

Next, I reclaim my rhythm. Rhythm guides my breath, my heartbeat, my flow; my sway, my dance, my drum. My drumbeat is different than yours. I was born with a unique vibration, with a unique pace and path. Rhythm is Water. She is my river. In this part of my journey, I carefully, deliberately, lovingly deconstruct the dams. I restore the abundant flow and call back all the wildlife who long-ago left these shores. This River is Wild, Untame, Un-Manned. She doesn’t know the minute, or the hour, or the day. She only knows the angle of the sun’s rays as they dance upon her ripples, and the shape of the moon’s reflection on her still, smooth waters. Her freedom is mine also.

Here are some ways we begin to reclaim our personal rhythm and flow:

  • Notice and allow the movements of sun, moon, and season 
  • Gently shift personal routine to promote ease and flow
  • Release constrictions within the body and energy system that block authentic flow 
  • Learn to move from the core of our being so that movement becomes fluid
  • Soften around the sharp edges of schedules, calendars, and clock-time 
  • Begin to replace force and urgency with intention and trust
  • Actions and decisions begin to feel spontaneous and alive
  • Daily flow becomes replenishing and nourishing instead of draining
  • A sense of alignment with the natural world and the natural cycles
  • An inherent trust for your ability to act at the right moment 
  • Adaptability, fluidity, flow, aliveness, ease
  • Reclaimed experience of your personal power (power with, not power over)
  • Enthusiasm for life


Fire Element: Vision & Perception

Now, my vision is restored. Vision is the source of spark. It is Fire. It is my intelligence and my birthright. Clear vision once shined from my newborn eyes (and yours). My Vision is the Sun: in its presence, anything can be transformed. The sun is unconditional and unrelenting; it sees all things, and from it, all things grow. My vision, like the sun, is always here; it only needs to be let in… or in this case, let out. I only need to lift up my gaze, above the clouds of corruption and capitalism, above the lies of hierarchy and linearity, above the polarity of right and wrong, so that I can catch a glimpse. Way up there, in the depths of my Heart, is the home of my Vision. In coming home to my Vision, I come home to my Self.

Here are some ways we work with fire, vision, and perception:

  • Cultivate agni (digestive fire) to better digest and assimilate food, sensory input, 
  • Hone our ability to discern what we want to be taking into our being
  • Tend to our tejas (subtlest form of fire or light in the body) to promote intelligence and clarity
  • Clear and open the senses through Bare Perception, a meditation practice
  • Reconnect with Vision through inquiry and discovery practices
  • Get familiar with your emotional guidance system as a tool for navigating life’s decisions

Some benefits you may experience as we work with fire, vision, and perception:

  • A sense of lightness in body and mind
  • Reclamation of your full intelligence and capacity to understand
  • Enhanced capacity to see, hear, feel, smell, and taste the world around you
  • Awakened passion and inspiration 
  • Deeper insight to understand and positively transform yourself and your relationships


Air Element: Voice & Power

Alas, I unleash my voice. Voice is Breath. It is Wind. It is Song. Air touches everything. My voice longs to belt out across the landscape; to make the aspens applaud and the grasses sway; to make waves, to shake things up, to knock things over (like dead trees, who need a little nudge to surrender to the soil). Yes, my voice is capable of regeneration. My voice can caste spells or curses. It can pray and bless. It can grieve and rejoice and uplift. My voice is how I tell my story. My voice is my power.

Here are some ways we work with air & voice:

  • Increase prana (life force) in the body through movement, breath, and meditation practices
  • Learn Core Breath and Whole Body Breathing as a way of disentangling from limiting attachments and beliefs
  • Attune to and reclaim the quality of Voice in your whole being
  • Find creative ways to express your truth and story

Some benefits you may experience as we work with air:

  • More energy throughout the whole body
  • Freedom from attachments and the ability to get yourself unstuck
  • Ability to speak up for yourself and experience true self-expression
  • Deeper connection with your own creativity


Space Element: Spirit & Potential

Without hesitation, I answer the call of Spirit. Spirit is Creative Potential; it is Sacred Space. It is the place of my ancestors, the realm of dreams and possibility. It is the domain of Vibrational Reality. It is where prayers exist without words, where ideas are born, where All Things Exist. Space is like the Unified Field, undivided, that is the foundation of my Being. 

Here are some ways we work with space and spirit:

  • Refine your attunement to Fundamental Consciousness to support your unfolding awakening 
  • Practice experiencing the permeability of yourself, others and your environment
  • Practice letting go from the depths of your whole being
  • Allow the art of Being to gradually replace the habit of doing.
  • Embrace the mysterious and unknown in a way that feels authentic to you

Some benefits you may experience as we work with space and spirit:

  • A growing sense of oneness with all things
  • Greater access to the stillness and quiet within 
  • Sounds, visuals, vibrations and other sensory input passes through your being without disrupting you or the stillness
  • Resistance falls away and the outer experience can begin to match the inner calm


Heart: Wholeness, Belonging & Connection

The Spontaneous Unfolding of the Heart Path occurs as I open into the depths of my heart.

Here are some ways we work with the Heart:

  • Practice inhabiting the heart as the core of our being and the center of our experience
  • Practice breathing with a subtle breath from within the heart center
  • Listen & see from the heart to perceive the world around us
  • Use heart language to communicate and connect with the world around us
  • Experience the gift of “giving over” or surrendering to something greater than oneself
  • Foster devotion when it arises and allow oneself to “fall in love” with the present moment
  • Uplift the Heart Path through intention setting, visioning and journeying

Some benefits you may experience as we work with the Heart:

  • Spontaneous expressions of love for yourself and others
  • Deepening experience of connection and belonging
  • Intuitive knowingness and capacity for understanding the world around you 
  • A natural experience of joy and acceptance, even as challenges, fear, or sadness are present
  • The Heart Path arises to meet your steps each day

The Teachers & Traditions

Nature Connection is the core practice of the Breath to Heart modality. Whether we are working to hone diet and lifestyle, deepen embodiment, refine our meditation practice, or align with our heart path, nature serves as the inspiration, guide, and setting for it all.

 Learn More about Nature Connection

Ayurveda is an ancient wisdom tradition that is both a medicinal system and a way of life. It arose alongside yoga as a way to cultivate clarity of mind, vitality in body, and most of all, a supportive pathway to spiritual awakening. “Embodied Ayurveda” is a somatic approach that invites fully inhabiting our whole being as we work with the balancing elemental principles offered by Ayurveda.

Learn More about Embodied Ayurveda

“The Realization Process is a direct path to embodied nondual awakening. It is a series of powerful but gentle, precise attunement practices for realizing your own nature as fundamental consciousness– an undivided expanse of luminous transparency, pervading your body and environment as a unity.”
~ Judith Blackstone, creator of the Realization Process

Learn More about the Realization Process

Heart Teachings is a community experience that supports connection and awakening guided lovingly and devotedly by Master Maine Guide, Ray Reitze. Grandfather Ray shares freely with all his luminous spirit, his deep connection with the natural world, many gentle pathways to opening one’s heart, and the profound gift of community in sacred circle.

Learn More about Heart Teachings

About Becca

Becca offers pathways for awakening to and connecting with one’s self, others, and the natural world through meditation, embodiment, plant connection, bird language, wildlife tracking, and ayurvedic wisdom, but perhaps most importantly: through play, exploration, and adventure. She guides groups, individuals, and folks in relationships (inclusive to those who identify as non-monogamous). She and her husband Dave also provide nature-based RP retreats at their remote mountainside property in Northern New England. Becca is a lifelong student but has accumulated a few relevant qualifications along the way: Registered Maine Guide (wilderness guide), Board Certified Ayurveda Health Counselor, MovNat Certified Trainer (natural movement coach), Reiki III practitioner, SOLO-certified Wilderness First Responder, Mom.
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